Our Vision

We dream of people who worship God in Spirit and Truth because they have had a personal and life-changing encounter with Him.
People who walk with the Lord, creating life everywhere they go because they have received, communicating and multiplying the life Jesus came to give.

These are people

Who love - because they are loved
Who forgive - because they are forgiven
Who provide comfort - because they have been comfort
Who see other people - because they have been seen
Who are seeking - because they have been found
Who include other - because they themselves have been included

These are people who have found their strength in God.

As described in Psalm 84, they make the world a better place!

We dream of a lot of other things too, but this dream has become our vision. It expresses the purpose of our ministry. We believe God has given us a mandate to reach out to people, not solely on small places, but especially to them. In Nordland, and throughout the rest of the world.

Om Ungdom I Oppdrag Nordland
Om Ungdom I Oppdrag Nordland

"We dream about people who worship God"

Our center

YWAM Nordland is situated in a nice school with much personality and a long history. Each fall we expectantly welcome the new students. Throughout the year it houses people who grow closer, pray and worship God together. We delight in blending the many cultures represented in to one happy "family". It is a house full of laughter and joyful memories!

Our ministries

UIO Nordland is here to serve those around us. Below are several ways we work to contribute to our community and society as a whole.

Youth Work
One of the most important things we can do is to invest in children and youth. A safe atmosphere allows them to be themselves and make good friends. UIO Nordland organizes youth camp several weekends a year and two youth evenings a month, and then we help at several other youth clubs in the district.

Family Focus
Healthy Families are essential for a healthy society. Family Focus works to provide families with a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of biblical principles for a good family life. We arrange seminars and camps with the goal of building strong, healthy families.

Local Ministry
We involve ourselves in our village and nearby islands by helping in schools, doing practical work, helping with events, encouraging Christians who might be the only ones on their island, and any other way we find to be a help.

Trænafestivalen is a popular music festival which takes place on the island of Træna every summer. For the last few years UIO Nordland has sent teams to help with practical things. We want to show God's love through meeting and serving residents/visitors. We often end up having good conversations about God!

Our staff
We come from many countries, such as Norway, the Netherlands, Iceland, Chile, Finland, USA and Canada. Since 2001, we have had staff and students from different nationalities.

UIO Nordland need workers!

Please contact us if you have done a DTS would like to serve God together with us!
  You can contribute in many different ways.
  Do you have skills and experience, or do you wish to challenge yourself in any of these areas?
- Maintenance
- Communications
- Accounting
- Marketing
- Web-design
- Worship and intercession
- Administration
- DTS-staff
- Outdoor life
- Youth work

YWAM Nordtun Svartisen
YWAM Nordtun
YWAM Nordland i Træna