UIO Nordland – Adventure DTS

9. September 2019 to 29. May 2020

The Adventure Discipleship Training School (or DTS) is for those who long for an adventure with God! Our base is located in Nordland, a stunning coastal county around the Arctic Circle in Norway. With three tracks to choose from you could have the possibility of experiencing the glorious nature of Northern Norway with our Outdoor Track, the thrilling journey of grasping God's heart for people with our REACH track, or an exploration of God's heart for freedom with our Worship Track. We believe that our walk with Jesus is an adventure, every minute of every day, and we want to discover more. Are you ready for an adventure?

The next Adventure DTS will start in September and will run until the end of May.

As a part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) International this nine month DTS is focused on knowing God and making Him known. Helping you to meet God as your loving Father. Encouraging you to explore your passions and talents. Preparing you to live a life that will impact this world with the reality of an adventurous God.

The school consists of a combination of 14-15 weeks of classroom learning, 7-8 exciting track weeks (Worship, REACH, or Outdoors), and 10-12 weeks of outreach both in the local communities of Nordland and to the ends of the earth.

Classroom learning is focused on the call to ‘know God’. We bring in teachers with vast amounts of experience and wisdom from all around the world to speak on specific topics such as:

· The Fatherheart of God
· Hearing God’s voice
· The Holy Spirit
· Identity in Christ
· Biblical Christian Worldview
· Worship and Intercession
· Missions
· Relationships
· Evangelism

The DTS is designed to encompass the growth of both head and heart knowledge and to give you practical tools to apply what you will learn. To know and to do. For this reason the teaching weeks will be relevant and applicable to everyday life. Jesus’ teaching changed lives, and that is what we are aiming at as well. That you might know more about God, more about yourself, and more about this world around you. These lectures will open your eyes and make you think. Showing you God’s character. Revealing new perspectives. Giving freedom and releasing new life.

The DTS is a community, a live-and-learn environment that will challenge you to life like Jesus everyday. Living close together in such a place brings friendships, perspective, and cultural understanding that will last a lifetime. We aim to make it a place where personal time spent with God, listening to His voice is encouraged.

The outreach portion of the DTS is much more than a tourist experience in a land far, far away. During this part of the school we put into practice all that we have learned. This is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. Where our faith takes action. The focus of the outreach is to share the Gospel, the knowledge of God, with those who do not know Him. This is a key part of ‘making Him known’.

Choose Your Track
The three different tracks that we offer give a wide range of opportunity for people of diverse interests to join in this adventure. Whether your passion lays in scaling high mountains, reaching out to new friends, or delving deep into worship, we believe that there is something we can discover out there together. Every third week we will be splitting up in our respective tracks to explore the beauty in this part of Norway. Outdoor? REACH? Worship? What will your choice be?

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