Outdoor Track

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Outdoor Track

Imagine your home between fjords and islands and mountains and glaciers. Imagine paddling through those fjords. Camping on those islands. Hiking those mountains. Climbing those glaciers. Here amidst the picturesque nature of Northern Norway God left His fingerprints everywhere. Creation here speaks of God’s splendor in a language everyone can understand!

The Outdoor track switches between teaching weeks and weeks to spend in God’s creation. So that we can get to know him through what He made. These outdoor weeks are also a time of character building, team building, learning all kinds of outdoor skills, and of course lots of fun. We hike the mountains and glaciers. We explore dark and damp caves. We go kayaking and canoeing, skiing and snowboarding. And of course we build campfires. Lots of campfires. This is a track for all outdoor enthusiasts, all those who desire open spaces, fresh air, and an adventure in the creation.

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“DTS has helped me see Gods immeasurable love for me and how much he wants a deep relationship with us.”
Lili – Australia Adventure DTS - 2015
“DTS marked the beginning of a life walked with Him, instead of life only working for Him”
Luke – Canada Adventure DTS - 2012
“During the dts God brought me into more freedom to live my live with Him and how to see myself in His eyes”
Maaike – The Netherlands DTS student - 2012
“I came as a boy and left like a men”
Trygve – Norway Adventure DTS - 2012
“DTS helped me use the tools that wore already given to me.”
Sondre – Norway Adventure DTS - 2014
“Through the DTS God brought me to the top of mountains in my life that I could never have defeated without Him”
Lydia – Iceland DTS student - 2010
“I did not leave my DTS with a backpack filled with knowledge and wisdom. But with a heart changed by the experience of Gods love and His goodness!”
Hanne – Norway DTS Student - 2014
“The DTS I did at Nordland really showed me so much new things about God, truly life changing”
Jonathan – The Netherlands DTS student - 2009