Outdoor Track

Imagine your home between fjords, islands, mountains and glaciers.
Imagine paddling through those fjords. Camping on those islands. Climbing those glaciers.
Hiking those mountains and exploring the winding caves beneath.

Here in Northern Norway the picturesque nature speaks of God’s splendor in a language everyone can understand!

On the Outdoor track you will get to know God through enjoying His creation. You will go on exciting outdoor trips, strengthen your character, learn all kinds of outdoor skills, have lots of fun and build many many campfires. This is a track for all outdoor enthusiasts, regardless if you have a lot or a little experience in the outdoors.

Join us to open spaces, fresh air and adventures in creation!

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All the Adventure tracks have teaching together. Each teaching week has its own topic. Some of the possible topics are: the Fatherheart of God, Hearing God’s voice, the Holy Spirit, Identity in Christ, Biblical Christian Worldview, Worship and Intercession, Missions, Relationships, and Evangelism. Teaching is in both Norwegian and English. Included in this price for the lecture phase is:
· Teachers for each week
· Lodging during the lectures (this is a 9 month school)
· 3 meals a day for the lecture phase
· All travel with the DTS

We are here to show God’s heart for Nordland. Most of our attention goes to children and youth. Staff and students help out with six monthly youth clubs in the area and we host around six youth weekends each year. Some of these events aim at Christian youth, others are open for all.

Mini outreach
Students also have two outreach weeks somewhere in Nordland. In teams of three or four you bring God’s love to the ‘Nordlendinger’. Connecting with local churches and contacts, these weeks give you the freedom to make your own plans and find your own ways of meeting people. When you arrive at your outreach place, don’t be surprised to find children waiting there to welcome you. You may not know them yet, but they remember the students from last time!

Practical work
Also part of the school are work duties and practical work. Work duties are done every workday. Like washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning toilets, firing up the furnace. Practical work often takes a bit more time. Cutting wood, fixing cars, painting, building a shed, keeping the garden tidy. You name it. We also look around to see if we can help out people in the neighborhood. There’s enough to do!

Outreach Outreach is a time to take the good news abroad! We often send out three teams with two leaders and around five students. The exact locations and teams are decided after the school starts. The Himalayas and Greenland tend to have our particular interest. Other teams have been to Europe, Africa, Asia, South-America, the Middle-East, and the Pacific. No place is too far to be reached with the Good News! Included in the price for outreach is:
· All transportation
· Food (3 meals a day)
· Lodging
· All ministry expenses

What is not included in the DTS price?
Some things are not included in the price for the DTS, these are things that can be very different from person to person. Some of these things are:
· Visa costs
· Travel insurance
· Travel to and from the school
· Vaccinations for outreach
· Christmas vacation
· Personal expenses
· Personal equipment
Practical information
Our schools last about 9 months. During the lecture phase you switch between 14 to 15 teaching weeks, 7 to 8 Adventure track weeks, and 2 outreach weeks in Nordland. You also have some weeks off for Christmas and Easter. We will be switching between the teaching weeks and the track weeks during the lecture phase. We will also have 10 weeks of outreach to a foreign country.

Dates for the 2019-20 Adventure DTS:
We are currently working on a new schedule for the DTS but thees are the dates from last year that can give you an idea what it will look like:
School starts: 13th of September.
(Arrival days from 11th to 13th of September)
Christmas break: 15th of December – 2nd of January.
Easter break: 13th of April – 21st of April
School ends: 31st of May with Graduation

Although we are running three separate tracks each track will cost the same amount. NOK 54,000 for the lecture phase + NOK 30,000 for outreach phase = NOK 84,000 altogether.

This DTS is open for all over the age of 18. We accept people from all nations and all backgrounds. Fill out an application or send us an email if you want to take the next step!
Track Info
Outdoor Adventure Track (7 or 8 weeks during the school)
There will be 7-8 weeks during the school in which you will head out with your team. Some possible Outdoor weeks will include:
· Glacier
· Canoeing
· Caving
· Sea Kayaking
· Cross country skiing
· Downhill skiing
· Mountain hikes

Included in the price for these weeks are:
· Transportation
· Food (3 meals plus snacks)
· Lodging (tent, cabin, etc.)
· Gear: helmets, glacier gear, cross country skis, ski pass, etc.

You will need to bring most of your own personal equipment. This will include:
· Sleeping bag (comfort temperature of at least -5 C)
· Sleeping mat
· Water and wind proof jacket and pants (ex. Gore-Tex, dri3, Helly Tech, or similar)
· Stiff hiking boots
· 60+ liter hiking backpack

If you want more information please feel free to contact us.
Meet the DTS staff
“DTS has helped me see Gods immeasurable love for me and how much he wants a deep relationship with us.”
Lili – Australia
“DTS marked the beginning of a life walked with Him, instead of life only working for Him”
Luke – Canada
“During the dts God brought me into more freedom to live my live with Him and how to see myself in His eyes”
Maaike – The Netherlands
“I came as a boy and left like a man”
Trygve – Norway
“Through the DTS God brought me to the top of mountains in my life that I could never have defeated without Him”
Lydia – Iceland
“I did not leave my DTS with a backpack filled with knowledge and wisdom. But with a heart changed by the experience of Gods love and His goodness!”
Hanne – Norway
“The DTS I did at Nordland really showed me so much new things about God, truly life changing”
Jonathan – The Netherlands